buy Pregabalin in the uk http://impassioneddance.com/norton-symantec-15-keys-online/?relatedposts=1 'When I first met with Fiona, I was overwhelmed with anxiety, loneliness and relentless pressure of comparing myself to others.

I would often get depressed and I felt like a failure because my life wasn’t moving at the same pace as my friends (getting married, having children, moving up the housing ladder). This negatively affected my own relationship with my partner because I felt all those big ticket items should happen to me NOW. The worst part was my belief that I would never get over it, that nothing could change how I feel.
Fiona has given me the courage to look inside myself and reconnect with my subconscious. After a couple of sessions, I could already feel a difference within me. Fiona helped me to rediscover “me” and the true value and appreciation of my life and my relationship with others. I gained new perspectives and learned to be happy where I am right now, accepting the unique journey that my life is. I stopped listening to my toxic negative self-talk and instead I opened myself to those gifts that life has to offer with all its love and kindness.
The learning still remains within me and I’m forever grateful to Fiona for this guidance and useful tools which contributed to this truly life-changing experience.'

Confidence and self esteem, London

'During my six week course with Fiona she showed a great deal of kindness and empathy to my needs. Her approach was both professional and thoughtful and she aimed to address not only my needs but those in the rest of the group and incorporated both her skills and knowledge to those areas.
The sessions were very calm and relaxing and her voice was very soothing.
The area I found particularly useful were techniques to promote relaxation and relieve pain, these methods I still use and find they are helpful and easy to use in every day life.
Fiona shows a great deal of knowledge and understanding in her field and I would not hesitate to recommend her to both colleagues and friends.'

Group workshop member, Chelmsford

'I was first put in touch with Fiona with the hope that she could help in some way with my 15 year old son's quite paralysing exam related stress and lack of academic confidence. Having no idea how these things work I initially had a long chat with Fiona, who really put my mind at rest as to whether this was the right thing to try. An initial meeting between Fiona and my son went very well, he came out saying he had never talked so much in his life, and thereafter always left a session feeling very talkative and relaxed, which was a lovely thing to see. Fiona also gave him downloads which he could use as necessary which he did, and again seemed very valuable to him as he worked towards and through his GCSE's. He has now finished his exams and seeing Fiona, but continues to be much more communicative and relaxed on a day to day basis.'

Exam related stress, Chelmsford

'I sought some cognitive therapy in Feb 2016, hoping to find some ways to help me relax and reduce stress.  Although I had recently retired from full time work I had lost some confidence and as a result I was not my normal organised self.  This was causing a few problems and leading to arguments at home.  I thought I could use some help in dealing with these issues.
The sessions with Fiona were at first not what I expected.  We sat in a small group of men and women who didn’t know each other personally, usually I’m quite talkative and would offer out information about myself but I felt I would listen this time and see what others had to say.
During the sessions Fiona would give us little homework tasks and these have proved to be useful even a year on, I still refer to them sometimes.
Fiona is very caring and makes everyone feel their issues are important.  The actual act of talking about ones problems helps and being able to hear others helped me to address my own issues and put things into better context.  
The relaxation techniques Fiona uses are very effective and can be learned and used after sessions are finished.  I used to fall asleep!
Thank you Fiona.'
Group workshop member, Chelmsford