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Self Esteem and Confidence

enter site Low self esteem and low confidence can create real barriers for us, preventing us from reaching our full potential. Imagine all you could achieve if only you could let go of the fear holding you back and actually have the confidence to go out there and achieve your dreams. Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you to find that confidence within and actually use it to help you to reach your desired goal

Habits and Addictions

purchase Tastylia online without prescription Habits can be trance like behaviours that you may have learnt or developed over time and can often feel very difficult to break. They may be negative or unhelpful habits and tend to be connected to underlying emotional issues. Cognitive Hypnotherapy aims to get to the core of that habit and reframe the emotion attached to it, meaning the habit is no longer necessary. 

here Habits can include:
Nail biting

Anxiety and Stress Management

Feelings of anxiety and stress are very common, and if left unchecked can cause real problems in every day life. Anxiety can affect work performance, social situations, relationships, interview performance, driving and much more. Working at your own pace and using techniques that have been tailored specifically for you, I can teach you how to manage your anxiety and stress, freeing you up to perform at your best and to feel calm and relaxed in the process

Group Workshops

Are you interested in sampling cognitive hypnotherapy in a group setting? Do you feel that your staff or colleagues could benefit from a stress management or performance enhancement workshop? Or would and your friends like to learn some relaxation techniques in a safe, comfortable environment?

Along with one to one sessions, I also facilitate group workshops providing mindfulness, coping mechanisms, positive thinking, motivation, confidence and relaxation. Group workshops a safe space and a supportive network which can be tailored to your specific needs. The initial session will allow each member of the group to establish exactly what they would like to gain from the workshop. All sessions thereafter will be written and delivered with the needs of each member taken into consideration

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