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In everyday life, we become stuck in patterns, stuck in trance states. How many times have you driven home from work and realised once you’re home that you don’t actually remember anything about the journey? You were just on autopilot because you are so used to that route. That was a trance state, you were in your ‘driving home from work’ trance. And you might notice certain behaviours you do when you’re in other situations, when you are upset, or angry, or scared. These behaviours are other trance states you have. You have become so used to a certain feeling or reaction to something that the trance takes over, leaving you feeling powerless. Does this sound familiar? The good news is, Cognitive Hypnotherapy can wake you up from that trance. Through Cognitive Hypnotherapy, we can tap into these trance states, find out what the triggers are and enable you to learn how to change the resulting behaviours, take control of your reactions and create a more positive reality for yourself.

If a trance can be part of the problem you experience, it can be used to solve it!